Thursday, August 19, 2010

Respondent Driven Sampling

I have set up this blog site to connect with researchers using respondent driven sampling (RDS). It is a forum for researchers who use the RDS method to discuss issues and challenges around setting up a study site to recruit participants and to collect the data. Having managed a RDS research site I found the method used to capture the data time consuming and prone to errors as the number of participants increased. This led to the development of  BRYANT Research Systems.

Since 2008 we have worked to develop tools to simplify the setting up of respondent driven sampling (RDS) research sites to ensure integrity of the data captured. The system is web-based and provides the ability for a researcher to manage the data and performance of the research site online. All data collected is RDSAT compatible.

We have created a unique automated serial numbering system. The system helps to simplify eligibility screening of participants and links a social network via the serial number. The system prints or e-mails the invitation coupons with a serial number and allows the number to be scanned into the data base to capture the required data for your research.
Features of the BRYANT System:
Capture Participants
Print Serial Number
E-mail Serial Number
Screen Eligibility
Electronic Questionnaires
Audio Questionnaires
Incentive Management
Data Capturing
Data Management
Off Site Monitoring