Monday, October 31, 2011

Respondent Driven Sampling Blog has been setup for researchers using respondent driven sampling methods for their research projects. To create a platform to share their experience or needs to setup a research surveillance site and what systems to put in place to:
        • Recruit Participants
        • Barcode Invite Coupon Generator
        • E-Invites
        • Screen Participants
        • Manage Research
        • Data Collection Methods
        • Electronic Questionnaires
        • Audio Questionnaires
        • Incentive Management
There are many researchers who have used this method over the years since RDS was developed by Douglas Heckathorn more than a decade ago, in 1997, as part of a National Institute on Drug Abuse-funded HIV-prevention research project targeting drug injectors in several Connecticut cities. RDS served as the recruitment mechanism for an intervention design developed with Robert Broadhead termed "peer-driven intervention" (PDI). So we are putting together a database of RDS related publications as a reference tool for researchers. If you would like to share yours, please submit them to the Blog. for more information on a site management system.

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